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The objectives of this Association are to register, maintain and verify the pedigrees of Border Collies; and to promote and foster in North American the breeding, training, and distribution of reliable working Border Collies.

Other objectives of the Association are to organize and promote stock dog trials or exhibitions, whether the Association does so on its own or in association with any other societies, bodies or persons.

Membership Requirements:

Owners of Border Collies, or their duly authorized agents, who are of good moral character, are eligible for membership in the American Border Collie Association. Persons wishing to use the services of the Association to register a dog or dogs must first become members.  Transfers of ownership will be processed so long as either the new owner or the previous owner or the breeder is a member.

You can become a member by applying to the Secretary for membership, along with the payment of dues. There are two classes of membership: annual or life. For voting eligibility, lifetime or annual, dues must be paid by January 1 of the year for eligibility to vote in the fall election.

The membership must also be kept active, with a registration or a transfer or a notation of hip or eye clearance at least once in a period of five years, in order to maintain voting eligibility.

Membership fees are set by the Board of Directors and are currently:

  • Annual Membership = $10
  • Life Membership = $100


Registration Fees

Click here for further information on registering your dog or a litter of puppies
  • $11.00 fee for each dog registered ($22.00 if the dog is more than one year old but less than two years old, and $33.00 plus DNA test if the dog is more than two years old)
  • $11.00 fee for each transfer of ownership (accompanied by original ABCA registration certificate)
  • $5.00 fee for replacement certificate or corrections
  • [$4.00 fee for the OFA clearance notation (accompanied by the OFA certificate and the original ABCA registration certificate)
  • $1.00 fee for decals
    If paid by Visa the Fees are as follows:
  • Annual membership - $11.00
  • Lifetime Membership - $110.00
  • Registrations - $12.00 ($24.00 if the dog is more than one year old but less than two years old, and $36.00 plus DNA test if the dog is more than two years old)
  • Transfers of ownership: $12.00
  • OFA - $4.50
  • Replacement certificate or corrections - $5.50
  • Decals - $1.25


For more information contact:
American Border Collie Association, Inc.
P.O. Box 100 · Cataula, GA 31804
Phone: 706-322-4400 · Fax: 706-322-4004

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