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Joint Statement from the American Border Collie Association and The ABCA Health & Education Foundation On the EAOD Test currently offered by projectDOG

The ABCA and ABCA Foundation are very concerned about early adult onset deafness (EAOD) in working Border Collies.  We have spent years studying this condition, fostering research, and considering the best way forward.  The condition is devastating for owners of individual dogs, for individual breeding programs, and most importantly, for the long-term health of the working Border Collie gene pool.  The conclusions contained in this statement were not made hastily or lightly.  They were arrived at after serious and lengthy consultation with Mark Neff and Alison Ruhe, the team behind projectDOG, and after seeking second opinions from a number of well-respected scientists in the field of genetic research from around the country. (Full statement here.) 6/9/2016

High Volume Breeders (List Here)

The ABCA does not endorse high volume breeders. The main purpose of the ABCA is to protect and promote the working Border Collie. Good working Border Collie breeders rarely produce more than a few litters per year. It is the intent of the ABCA to encourage breeders to use livestock working ability as the primary criterion to select potential breeding stock. This is very difficult to do when breeding at a high volume rate. Please see ABCA’s Code of Ethics and Best Practices for further information on this and other factors helpful in evaluating the quality of breeders.

ABCA Disciplinary Action

The ABCA has permanently barred Bill & Gloria Barnes (Barnes Border Collies) of Braxton, MS from ABCA membership for submitting false registration documents to the ABCA. These breeders admitted that they bought puppies from unregistered parents and then misrepresented to potential buyers and to the ABCA that those purchased pups were the offspring of their own ABC-registered dogs. DNA testing of their dogs showed numerous instances of misreported parentage. Effective May 19, 2015, their registration and certification privileges are revoked. As of that same date, Lady (ABC #344537) and Buddy (ABC #398685) are de-registered, and littermates Bella Ishee (ABC #344534), Oreo Cookie (ABC #344535), Lucy (ABC #344536), Sketch (ABC #398680), Toby (ABC #398681), Chief (ABC #398682), Rusty (ABC #398683) and Tuff (ABC #398685) are placed on Non-Breeding status.

ABCA Support for Finals, Other Trials

During 2014, ABCA provided $13,785 in promotional money to support local trials throughout North America.  We also provided $19,000 in support for the USBCHA Sheepdog and Cattledog National Finals, and awarded an additional $16,000 in prize money at those Finals.  The USBCHA trials, both local and national, are an important way of testing how well our dogs measure up to the working standard, and an important way of showcasing the working border collie. 

Promotional Request Deadlines

One of the unique benefits of the American Border Collie Association is the use of promotional money accumulated from each registration at the rate of $ 1.00 per dog to promote the border collie and border collie events throughout the United States and Canada through its members. Money is available to members in each state with request deadlines on February 15 and July 15 of each year. A written request must be submitted by the member with a detailed description of the activity or event that they are requesting funds for. The information should include the description, date(s), members involved, location and amount of money requested. Only current members will be considered. Be sure to have your written request in by the deadline. Requests may be mailed, faxed or emailed into the office.

red03_next.gifPromotional Money Request Application in pdf (Adobe Acrobat Reader)

red03_next.gifPromotional Money Request (Editable) Application in pdf (Adobe Acrobat Reader)


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