Instructions for Registry Transactions

Guidelines are provided below for each of the following transactions:

To Register Pups:

  • You must be a current member for this transaction.
  • Only the breeder, owner of the dam at whelping, may submit application and payment to register pup(s). This policy has been in effect since 2004.
  • Complete the registration form (two versions available; traditionaleditable).  When using the traditional form please PRINT using black or blue ink.  Incomplete or illegible applications will not be processed.
  • The owner of the sire must sign and certify the mating date.
  • If the sire or dam is registered with another accepted registry (ISDS, CBCA, SASDA or AWBC) and has not had pups registered with ABCA in the past then you must provide the original certificate from that registry. In the case of ISDS, please include a copy of that parents 4-generation pedigree. The original certificate will be returned with your order. You do not need to submit certificates for ABCA registered parents.
  • The registration form provides space for 7 pups to be registered. Make another copy of the back/2nd page if there are more than 7 pups.
  • Certificates for all pups will be mailed to the breeder for dispersal to pup owners.

To Register a Dog with ABCA from ISDS, CBCA, SASDA, AWBC:

  • You must be a current member for this transaction.
  • The dog must be registered in your name with the current (other) registry.
  • Send in the original certificate (ISDS, CBCA, SASDA or AWBC) and the appropriate fee. The original will be returned with your order.
  • In the case of ISDS registration, a copy of the dogs 4-generation pedigree must be provided.

To Transfer Ownership of an ABCA Dog:

  • The previous owner or new owner may submit a transfer of ownership for a dog.
  • Membership is required to transfer ownership.
  • Please submit the original ABCA certificate along with the appropriate fees.
  • It must be signed by the previous owner in the lower left corner.
  • The date requested is the actual date of sale.
  • Complete the lines above the previous owner signature with the new owner information (please print).
  • You may change the name of the dog if it has had no registered offspring. Writing directly on the certificate (top left); strike the name you do not wish to use and print the new name. Maximum allowed, 14 characters (letters and spaces combined).

Hip Certification:

  • Send the dog’s original certificate with a copy of the hip certification and appropriate fee.
  • Please note we accept results from OFA or Cornell Hip and the hip certification must reflect the ABCA number for the dog.

Eye Certification:

  • Send the dog’s original certificate with a copy of the eye (clear) certification and appropriate fee.
  • Please note we accept CEA results from Optigen, Paw Print Genetics and Gene Check.

To Replace a Lost or Damaged Certificate:

  • You may contact the office for a replacement certificate by mail or by phone.

To Add Non-Breeding Status to a Dog or Pup

  • The non-breeding form is often submitted along with a registration or transfer but can be submitted separately. If the form is submitted with a registration or transfer there is no extra fee.
  • Both the breeder and the first owner of record must sign the form.

Sample Filled out Registration Form and Attachments

Fee Table

Fees  Cash/Check
(U.S. funds)
 Credit Card *
(U.S. funds)
Registration for each puppy or dog:

  • Before one year from date of birth
  • Over 1 year but less than 2 years
  • Over two years (DNA test required for dog and both parents, only UC Davis results accepted)

  • $11
  • $22
  • $33

  • $12
  • $24
  • $36
Transfer of Ownership (Send original certificate) $11 $12
Replacement certificate or correction $5 $5.50
Hip Designation
(Copy of hip certification required, OFA or Cornell)
$4 $4.50
CEA Designation
(Copy of CEA DNA certification required, Optigen, PawPrint Genetics, Gene Check, )
$4 $4.50
American Border Collie Association Decals $1 $1.25
Non-Breeding Status no fee no fee

* Visa, Mastercard or Discover

Returned Applications

Sometimes registrations or transfers cannot be processed because they are illegible, incomplete or inaccurate.