Grant Program


The ABCA Grant Program is intended to provide support for larger scale projects and events that promote the Border Collie as a stockdog and are consistent with the mission of the ABCA. Past grants have funded health research studies, subsidized health testing programs and clinics, and educational activities.

Application Process

  • The grant application form should be completed and sent to the ABCA Secretary/Treasurer along with supporting material. The secretary will forward the application to the Chairman of the Grants Committee.
  • Applications should be in the ABCA office by January 15th for winter review and by June 15th for summer review.
  • Completed grant applications will then be assessed by the grants committee and recommendations will be made to the entire Board of Directors for approval in whole or in part.
  • Disbursements are normally made when receipts for expenses are received by the Secretary/Treasurer, who will obtain approval for payment from the Chairman of the Grants Committee.
  • The Chairman of the Grants Committee will notify applicants of the Board’s decision and is the person to contact concerning grants before or after submission.

Grant Application Form