Committee Overview

Aside from the registry itself, all of the ABCA’s functions, programs and activities are managed by committees. Committees are appointed by the Board of Directors and report to the board. While the committees are usually staffed by Board members, regular members may also serve. If you have an interest and experience in a particular area, contact the President. The ABCA is member run and welcomes your involvement.

Members may address comments, suggestions and questions directly to the appropriate Committee Chair. Note that grant and promotional money applications and Hall of Fame nomination forms should be sent to the Secretary.

Committee Chair Purpose / Activities
Finance Unassigned Oversee and review finances to insure the ABCA has a sound financial future.
Nominating Emil Leudecke Solicit and accept nominations and prepare the ballot for the election of directors each Fall.
Communi-cations tbd
  • See that the web site is up to date and functional to members
  • Update/print/help distribute ABCA brochures
  • Recommend where to do ABCA advertizing and PR activities
  • ABCA logo items
Hall of Fame tbd
  • Review HOF nominations and make recommendations to the board each year
  • Organize awards and presentations
Sheepdog Trial Tom Wilson Represent the ABCA at the USBCHA sheepdog finals and serve on the trial committee.
Cattledog Trial tbd Represent the ABCA at the USBCHA cattledog finals and serve on the trial committee.
Office Policy Peg Anderson
  • Review existing office policies and processes
  • Propose changes to the board and help implement changes
Grants Unassigned Manage grant applications
Executive Mike Neary Duties as requested by the Board