Registration FAQs

Are there known health problems with in-breeding dogs?
Yes. Ask your veterinarian's advice or consult a comprehensive dog genetics book.
Can a couple register dogs under the same membership?
Only if the transaction includes the person with a current membership. For example, if Mary Doe is a member, a dog may be transferred to Mary & John Doe, or just to Mary, but not to just John. Similarly, if Mary is member, she may register a litter of pups as long as her name is included on registration form as the breeder.
Can I email or fax an membership application or registration form?
Can I get an extended pedigree beyond the 5 generations on the certificate?
No. If the demand is sufficient, the Directors will consider making this service available for a fee that covers costs.
Can in-bred pups be registered?
Yes. No policy governs in-breeding or line-breeding. That said, if the breeding was accidental, the breeder is advised to registering the pups with non-breeding status.
Can we register our dogs with the AKC?
Yes, if you must. They will accept your ABCA registration papers as a basis for AKC registration. This recognition is not reciprocal, however; we do not accept AKC registration or AKC pedigrees as a basis for ABCA registration.
Can you express mail my papers back to me?
We will if you send the fees to pay for it.
Do you have to have the original certificate, I'm afraid to mail it?
Yes, but keep a copy.
Do you mail papers directly to the new owners or back to the breeder?
Papers for all pups will be mailed to the breeder using the address provided on the front of the registration form.
Does the ABCA publish a stud book?
There has been some discussion, but the current position is not to publish this information.
How can I get an ISDS Stud Book?
Stud books can be purchased on the ISDS online shop
How do I become a director of the ABCA?
Directors are elected by the general membership. The nomination process is given here
How do I fill out the registration application?
A sample filled out registration form is provided here. Include all contact information, mating and whelping dates, sire and dam names and registration numbers, puppy descriptions, and be sure that owners of both sire and dam sign where indicated. Be sure to follow the Rules & Regulations listed on the back of the form. Print clearly as illegible information could result in the application being returned. Note that the ABCA considers the breeder to be the owner of the dam at whelping.
How do I register a dog in the name of more than one owner?
Simply indicate the names on the form. If you register it to Jane and John, then both persons have to sign for every future work you want done. If you register to Jane or John, then either one can sign for future work.
How do I transfer a dog I have just sold?
Only an original registration certificate will be accepted to transfer a dog to a new owner. The current owner(s) must sign the original certificate. The current or new owner should enter the name and address of the new owner in the space provided and send certificate to the office along with the appropriate fee. The person submitting the transfer (current or new owner) needs to be an active member to process a transfer.
If I am a life member, does that mean I don t have to pay anything more to register pups?
Sorry, no. The fees are still applicable.
Is ABCA the largest Border Collie registry in the US?
Yes. ABCA registered its 100,000th dog in 1997 and its 500,000th dog in 2021.
Is AIBC still in existence?
For all practical purposes no.
What do I do if I can t get the original certificates back from AIBC?
You can establish ownership in either of two ways: with a copy of the original AIBC certificate proving the dog you wish to register with ABCA is in your name. Or, you can send a copy of the original AIBC registration certificate plus a copy of the signed bill of sale from the person listed on the certificate as the owner to you as the buyer.
What is CERF?
The Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF) was established in 1974 to create a database to track heritable eye diseases in purebred dogs. In 2012, the database was moved from the the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists (ACVO) to the OFA’s Eye Certification Registry (see for details.
What is OFA?
Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. It is an organization which evaluates x-rays of dogs hips (or other bone and joint formations) and gives ratings on whether the hip joint is normal or abnormal. High-scoring families of dogs are less likely to produce puppies with dysplasia and resulting degenerative joint disease than low-scoring ones.
Why does the application say 'Stud Book' if females can also be registered on that form?
Tradition is the main reason. A 'stud' is a group of animals kept for breeding and a 'Stud Book' is a factual record of their matings.
Why won t you accept every dog registered with AIBC or NASDS?
They don't have the same requirements we do. Some of their certificates have incomplete pedigrees, take dogs from registries we don't recognize, or have Register on Merit programs that we don't recognize.
Will you accept dogs registered with: South Central Registry, United Kennel Club, AKC, ARF, Continental Kennel Club, the (English) Kennel Club, various European Kennel Clubs?
What is the office fax number?
Sorry, the office does not accept documents via fax.
Will you cancel an ABCA registration if the dog is registered with the AKC?
Only if the dog is awarded a conformation championship by AKC or any other registry.