Hall of Fame Nomination Process

General Information

  • Dogs and Breeders/Handlers will be considered on an annual basis.
  • Presentation will be made at the annual meeting of the ABCA
  • A maximum of 2 dogs and maximum of 2 breeders/handlers can be inducted into the HOF annually.
  • Nominations for the HOF can come from the general membership of ABCA or from HOF committee members.
  • Nominations from the general membership will be active for two years after submission. Annual revisions and updating nominations will be allowed and encouraged.
  • Breeders/Handlers cannot nominate themselves or dogs they have owned or professionally handled.

Hall of Fame Nomination Form
Hall of Fame Nomination Form – Editable

HOF – Criteria for Breeder/Handler

Breeders/Handlers should have a record of outstanding contributions to the working Border Collie breed of dog in North America. These contributions should be both national and regional in nature. A clear record of accomplishments in a number of the following areas should be apparent:

  • Service to National working Border Collie organizations
  • Service to regional and local working Border Collie organizations
  • Service to the American Border Collie Association
  • Significant accomplishments as a breeder of working Border Collies
  • Significant accomplishments as a handler of working Border collies
  • Other more intangible service that has helped breeders/handlers or the working Border Collie dog in general

HOF – Criteria for Dogs

Dogs should have a clear record of outstanding contributions to their breed in regard to progeny produced or trial accomplishments in either sheep or cattle work. It should be apparent to the committee that nominated dogs have been truly exceptional in regards to these contributions.

HOF Committee Makeup and Process

  • The chair of the committee shall be appointed by the President of ABCA with input by the Board of Directors. The chair shall be a current board member.
  • The President and Chair of the HOF committee will select the remainder of the committee
  • The committee should be made up of no fewer than 5, but no more than 7 members.
  • Committee members should be members of the ABCA with an exceptional understanding of the border collie breed and with a keen historical perspective of both dogs and breeders/handlers.
  • Care should be taken in selecting members so some continuity occurs in committee make-up from year to year, while concurrently changing the committee make-up annually.
  • No committee member or any dog they own or have owned or professionally handled can be nominated while they serve on the HOF committee.
  • Dogs or breeder/handlers recommended for HOF induction by the HOF committee shall be presented to the BOD of the ABCA. A majority vote by the BOD shall be required for the induction of any dog or breeder/handler.