Promotional Money Program

Overview and Purpose

One of the unique benefits of the American Border Collie Association is the promotional money program. One dollar from each dog registration fee is reserved for redistribution to member run events which promote the Border Collie throughout the United States and Canada. Events range from sheepdog trials and demonstrations to training clinics and educational events. Promotional money is reserved for use in the state or province in which it was collected.

Requests for Promotional Money

Promotional money requests are considered biannually by the Board of Directors. The deadlines for submitting requests are February 15 and July 15. Requests must be submitted by a current member that lives in the state or province where the event will occur. The request should include a detailed description of the activity or event for which money is requested. Information should include: location, date(s), other members involved, how many people and dogs will attend, a rough budget for the event and the amount of money requested. Requests may be mailed, faxed or emailed to the secretary’s office. Include any supporting material that will aid in the board’s evaluation of your event.

Promotional Request Form

Promotional Request Form – Editable

How are funds allotted?

The current amount of money available for distribution in each state is shown in the right column and is also published in the annual newsletter. The amount will vary depending on the number of registrations processed and the amount distributed each year. The Board of Directors will review the requests and apportion the available funds based on the size and quality of each event. Events that involve many dogs and members and especially those that promote the Border Collie to the general public are held in higher favor.