History of the ABCA



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The ABCA was founded in 1983 by a group of Border Collie breeders who wanted a democratic nonprofit organization to keep accurate records of working Border Collie bloodlines. The following is an account of the events and people involved:

After spending several months in 1982 assessing the need and identifying support for a member-owned, democratically run Border Collie registry, the supporters decided in mid-October in Jackson, Mississippi, to establish a new registry, to be called the American Border Collie Association, Inc. Bill Dillard from Matthews, Alabama, president of the Southern Stockdog Association and editor of the Southern Stock Dog Journal, and Ralph Pulfer from Quincy, Ohio, secured commitments and financial support for the new registry from Border Collie breeders, owners, and handlers in the United States and Canada. Leroy H. Boyd of Starkville, Mississippi, prepared the draft documents containing proposed bylaws and operating procedures. Bill Ready of Meridian, Mississippi, then incorporated the registry in Delaware. Raymond MacPherson from Brampton, Cumbria, England, provided copies of the International Sheep Dog Society Stud Book for the registry’s use.

The eleven charter Directors were: Bill Dillard, Alabama; Ralph Pulfer, Ohio; Leroy Boyd, Mississippi; Inez Schroeder, Arizona; Peggy Brown, South Dakota; Omar Falk, Oregon; Stan Moore, Tennessee; Guido Lomabardi, California; Edgar Gould, Massachusetts; Bob Childress, Texas; and Jim Clark, Ontario. On April 14, 1983, a Directors meeting and election of officers was held on the campus of Mississippi State University. Bill Dillard was elected President, Ralph Pulfer was elected Vice-president. Other Directors present for the meeting were Boyd, Moore, Lomabardi, Gould, and Clark. Mrs. Jerry West, Red Banks MS, Secretary of the Southern Stock Dog Association, who owned and operated a real estate business and tax service in Holly Springs, Mississippi, assumed the responsibilities of the first Secretary of the ABCA, Inc.  The ABCA was incorporated on June 10, 1983 and received IRS non-profit 501(c)(5) status in March 1993.

Additional Historical Tidbits

Location of Annual Meetings & Presidents Elected in that Year

1983       Meridian, MS         Bill Dillard
1984       Dotham, AL          (Bill Dillard): Ralph Pulfer, after
1985       Knoxville, TN        Ralph Pulfer
1986       Dotham, AL           Stan Moore
1987       Knoxville, TN        Stan Moore
1988       Buellton, CA         Leroy H. Boyd
1989       Knoxville, TN        Leroy H. Boyd
1990       Conway, NH           Robert Barlow
1991       Louisville, KY       Robert Barlow
1992       Buellton, CA         Mike Neary
1993       Louisville, KY       Mike Neary
1994       Lexington, KY        Herbert Holmes
1995       Buellton, CA         Mike Hubbard
1996       Lexington, KY        Leroy H. Boyd
1997       Klamath Falls, OR    Leroy H. Boyd
1998       El Reno OK           David Arnold
1999       Middletown VA        David Arnold
2000       El Reno OK           David Arnold
2001       Klamath Falls, OR    David Arnold
2002       Lebanon, TN          Bruce Smart
2003       Sturgis, SD          Bruce Smart
2004       Sturgis, SD          Bruce Smart
2005       Sturgis, SD          Bruce Smart
2006       Klamath Falls, OR    Mike Neary
2007       Gettysburg, PA       Mike Neary
2008       Sturgis, SD          Jim Swift
2009       Klamath Falls, OR    Jim Swift
2010       Middletown, VA       Kate Ash
2011       Carbondale, CO       Eileen Stein
2012       Klamath Falls, OR    Eileen Stein
2013       Middletown, VA       Eileen Stein
2014       Carbondale, CO       Eileen Stein
2015       Alturus, CA          Mike Neary
2016       Carbondale, CO       Mike Neary
2017       Middletown, VA       Mike Neary
2018 Alturus, CA Emil Luedecke
2019 Carbondale, CO Emil Luedecke
2020 no finals (covid) Eileen Stein

List of Past Directors (1997 to present)