Cookie Policy


Last updated: February 19, 2024

The Website uses Cookies to store user preferences, to facilitate website operation and to track website activity.  This policy gives basic information about cookies, how they are used on the Website, and how the user can control them.  This policy is a companion document to the Website Privacy Policy, located here:  The Definitions set out in the Privacy Policy also apply to this policy.

What is a Cookie?

A ‘Cookie’ is a small file created by a website and stored on the users Device.  Cookies are widely used and serve many different purposes, including remembering user preferences, helping a website to function and in the collection of Usage Data.

Types of Cookies

Cookies can be “persistent” or “session”:

  • Persistent Cookies remain on Your Device after You close Your web browser. These Cookies will persist until they reach their scheduled lifespan or until You manually delete them.
  • Session Cookies are deleted as soon as You close Your web browser.

Cookies can also be “first-party” or “third-party”:

  • First-party Cookies are set by the website the user is visiting. Such cookies are often used for basic operation of the website and to improve the user experience.
  • Third-party Cookies are set by outside parties or organizations via services linked to the website the user is visiting.

Categories of Cookies

Our Cookies are categorized below in terms of their purpose and necessity.

  • Necessary: These cookies store important settings used on the Website.  They are persistent, first-party, and considered necessary for operation.
  • Functional: These cookies are used for the basic operation of the Website.  They are session, first-party, and considered optional.  The Website will work without these cookies though some loss of features or performance may result.
  • Analytics / Advertising: These Cookies are needed to collect Usage Data.  They are persistent, third-party, and considered optional.  

List of Cookies used on the Website

Name of Party Setting the CookieCookie NameCookie CategoryPurposeCookie Lifespan
ABCAmoove_gdpr_popupNecessaryStores the users cookie preferences1 year
ABCAwordpress_test_cookie, wp_langFunctionalUsed by Website softwareSession
ABCAX-Mapping-*FunctionalLoad balancer server mapping. Used to ensure that requests to the Website go to the same web server.Session
Google Analytics_ga, _ga_*AnalyticsUsed by Google Analytics to track unique users and track their engagement with the website.2 years
Google Ads1P_JAR, ar_debugAdvertisingUsed by Google to track the user’s interests and deliver more relevant ads.30 days

Restricting Cookies

You can control the use of cookies in two ways:

Using the Cookie Consent Banner

The Website will display a banner where You can select what cookies are accepted. Once You make a selection, the banner will not be displayed on future visits until the consent cookie expires or is manual deleted.

The banner offers two options:

Accept All – Means You will accept all cookies on Your Device

Accept Necessary – Means only necessary cookies will be saved on Your Device

Using Your Browser Settings

All major browsers allow You to disable the use of cookies.  This can be done for a specific website or for all websites.  If You disable all cookies, some loss of features or performance may result.

Each browser is configured differently.  To disable cookies via Your browser settings, follow the instructions given by the publisher of Your browser.  If You use different Devices, make sure You configure the settings of the corresponding browser according to Your preferences.

For more information about cookies, and how to disable cookies, visit