2023 – Scott Glen

Scott with Alice


  • Served as director of ABCA and USBCHA
  • Often on USBCHA National Finals Trial committee
  • Director for the Alberta Stock Dog Association


  • Frequent judge and clinician across North America
  • Authored numerous articles on training and handling in national magazines
  • Trained and paired countless dogs with handlers and famers across North America
  • Tireless ambassador for the Border Collie and inspirational role model for the sheepdog trial community


  • Seven-time USBCHA National Champion (Pleat 2004, Don 2013/2015, Alice 2016/ 2017/2019, Pip 2023
  • Twice USBCHA National Reserve Champion (Fly 2001, Tala 2004)
  • Three-time winner of western Canadian Championship (Sweep)
  • Wins at the prestigious Meeker, Bluegrass, and Soldier Hollow trials
  • Third place in 2023 ISDS World Trial with Pip
  • Numerous wins at open trials and championships across North America


Excerpts from the induction ceremony presentation by D. Bailey

It is my honor to share Scott’s many accomplishments with fellow handlers and friends. We have all had the privilege of watching you on this journey. Scott is a person of integrity and character that has greatly contributed, on a national and regional level, to advance the working Border Collie. Scott has past service and currently serves on the ABCA Board of Directors (first term in 1997). The years that Scott has not been on the Board he has continued to volunteer his time to ABCA on several committees including the Sheep Finals Committee. He has also served many terms on the USBCHA Board of Directors and Alberta Stockdog Association. He continues to give his time and talent in several ways including donating judging clinics to benefit National Finals and Meeker, providing demonstrations to educate audiences and given his time to either judge or course direct benefit events. He is known as a hardworking, tireless ambassador who has introduced the working Border Collie to farmers, ranchers and so many others, promoting interest and developing the handling skills of people throughout North America.

As a handler, Scott has proven his abilities by winning many major trials over the years with dogs from several different Border Collie lines. His methodology in developing a great working relationship with dogs is evidenced by the many successfully trained dogs (personal and customer) and trained handlers that have excelled at the highest levels. He is a seven-time USBCHA National Champion, 2023 World Trial 3rd place, four-time Canadian Champion, Meeker Champion, Bluegrass Champion, Soldier Hollow Classic Champion, and numerous Open Trial winner. Scott holds a record of nine times being awarded “Best Shed” trophy at the Nationals given for best International Shed.

As a Breeder, Scott created “Alta-Pete Stockdogs” which means “Aim High.” He began with Sweep, the foundation sire and produced winning pups that have allowed him to compete with over four generations of the same line. Sweep and Scott won many trials together and still hold the record for being the only dog to win the Western Canadian Championships 3 times. Two of Sweep’s pups, Dan, and Fly, were Scott’s next generation of winners with Dan winning the 2000 Canadian Championships and Fly becoming the 2001 USBCHA Reserve National Champion. Dan’s pups, Pleat and Tala carried the torch after his retirement. Tala was the 2004 USBCHA Reserve National Champion the same year her littermate, Pleat was the National Champion. Scott was the first Canadian to win the title. It also made him the first breeder to win first and second with littermates that he bred and trained. Pleat won many major trials including the Bluegrass, Meeker and Soldier Hollow. Don and Alice were the next two major trial winners for Scott. Don won the Bluegrass and two USBCHA National Championships and Alice, his daughter who goes back to Scott’s Sweep, won the Nationals three times and is also an inductee to the 2023 ABCA Hall of Fame.