Jim – ABC 14422


Ivan & Jim

Inducted: 2006
Owner: Ivan/Janet Weir
Breeder: B. Doyle
DOB: 9/12/1985
Sire: Chip ISDS 77779
Dam: Lassie ISDS 139121
Pedigree: pedigree


In the United Kingdom:
Corrie – A. MacRae – Intl. Supreme Reserve Champion
Tam – J. Wilson – Scottish Natl Champion
Nell – D. Shennan – Open Trials Winner
Jean – R. Weir – Open Trials Winner
Tam – C. Hemphill – Open Trials Winner
Chip – J. Crothers – Open Trials Winner

In North America:
Moy – I. Weir – Open Trials Winner
Jen & Sweet – L. Goetz – Open Trials Winners
Ken – D. Eikamp, R. Pulfer, B. Smart – Open Trials Winner
Spin & Dot – L. Savage – Open Trials Winners
Chip – A. Miller – Open TrIals Winner
Bob – H. Morrow – Open Trials Winner
Tug – S. Mcallister – Open Trials Winner
Reno – C. Howard – Open Trials Winner
Sired by Jim and out of Sarah Muir’s Fly, all qualified for the 1998 USBCHA Nursery Finals: Tweed – R. Pulfer, Ben – L. Woodbury, Smokey – P. Carmichael, Gnat- S. Muir, Mace – C. Stegall, Quaint – B. Boudreau

In Brief

Ivan Weir’s imported Jim dog may not have been busy on the trial field here in the USA, but his contribution to the Border Collie Breed is truly worth noting. Jim’s trial career was cut short by [an injury]. Still a good working dog, Ivan used him around the ranch in Texas and began breeding Jim to his bitches. This is where Jim found his place of note. As a sire, Jim has amassed quite an impressive collection of successful dogs, in this country, Canada and the United Kingdom. (S. Muir from an American Border Collie Magazine article)